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Get back on the road with driver's license reinstatement

Losing your driver's license to a DUI conviction or other traffic offense is a serious blow to your livelihood, but the Law Firm of Raymond R. Nolasco can help you get those privileges restored. Call us at 815-224-8157 and you'll get an advocate with over 26 years of experience in helping Illinois drivers reinstate their licenses.


  • Formal hearings — Joliet and Springfield

  • Informal hearings — LaSalle, Princeton, Bloomington, and Peoria

Let us stand at your side at your hearing

If obtaining your driver's license in another state depends on having your license reinstated in Illinois, we can help you get behind the wheel again. Let us assist you in your out-of-state clearance application. Clearing your license is the first step in restoring your driving privileges.

Moved? Let us help you with out-of-state clearances

Trust the law office with over 26 years of experience in reinstating the licenses

of Illinois drivers.

Call today — let us help you restore your

driving privileges.


Licence rienstatement

Having a good attorney at your side during your formal or informal hearing is an important part of the reinstatement process. You can count on our representation at your

assigned hearing.